Welcome to the home of BuddyBarber: In-Your Home Grooming.

Let me come into your home in the metro-west Boston area to groom your faithful dogs and cats.

I love to work with all pets, but feel especially drawn to helping timid, nervous, small or older pets and service dogs who need to stay close to their owners.

At BuddyBarber, my core philosophy is ‘Compassionate Care-Giving’.  I believe that a well-groomed animal is a calm and happy animal – and that for many dogs and cats, home is the calmest, safest place to find their inner beauty. I pledge to use only hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free grooming products, and to treat your companions with all the love and respect that they deserve.

Please visit my Services page to learn details about my grooming services.

I work by appointment only – please reach me via my Contact page.

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I am a Massachusetts Certified Professional Groomer, am Reiki level 1 attuned, and have been successfully practicing home visit grooming since 2011.
To learn more about me and my thoughts on the animal world, visit my blog  – Respect The Paw!